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Update to ADA Requirement for Auditorium Seating

Tuesday, October 4th, 2011

A critical element in the design and layout of fixed seating for any public venue is the inclusion of ADA seating that complies with federal regulations. Irwin Seating Company’s seating layout engineers are well versed in these requirements and are diligent in ensuring our seating layouts include the proper quantities of ADA locations for each project.

Recently there have been amendments to the Americans with Disabilities Act updating the quantities and locations of required accessible seats for venue patrons. These changes went into effect in 2010 and become mandatory on March 15, 2012, making our understanding of the changes critical to our sales and order management processes.

The most crucial change in the regulations applies to the number of ADA compliant spaces required in public assembly venues. The updated quantities required are as follows:

Number of Seats
Min. Number of Required Wheelchair Spaces
4 – 25
26 – 50
151 – 300
301 – 500
501 – 5,000
6 +1 for each 150 (or fraction thereof) between 501 – 5,000
5,001 and over
36 +1 for each 200 (or fraction thereof) over 5,000

Previous regulations required that each wheelchair space must have an adjacent fixed companion seat. Under the new ADA rules, the companion seat no longer needs to be fixed, but can now also be a removable or stack chair.

There have also been changes to the requirements for accessible aisle seating. The quantity of aisle seats required to be armless or have removable armrests has changed from 1% of the total number of chairs to 5% of the aisle end chairs. The ADA aisle seats must now be located closest to accessible routes throughout the venue.

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Lecture Hall Seating at Rutgers by Longo Associates

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2011

Over the last few years Longo has been working with facility planners at Rutgers University to renovate a number of lecture halls and auditoriums.  Below are a list of university project links where Longo has provided Irwin Seating products at Rutgers University Campuses:

Beck Hall Auditorium, Livingston Campus

Hill Lecture Hall in Mathematical Sciences on Busch Campus, New Brunswick

Lucy Stone Auditorium, New Brunswick Campus

Main Lecture Hall in Engineering Building on Busch Campus, New Brunswick

Physics Lecture Hall, New Brunswick Campus

SERC Lecture Hall Room 111 on Busch Campus, New Brunswick

SERC Lecture Hall Room 118 on Busch Campus, New Brunswick

Tillet Auditorium, New Brunswick Campus

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